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Sunday 4th May 2014 saw Frogmore dance school hold it’s bi-annual showcase to sell out audiences!

With rehearsals and two performances through the day the students were kept busy doing exactly what they love to do! Both shows went seamlessly with the students performing spectacularly, principal Verity Hammersley said this about the performance “I am so proud of all my students who have worked very hard over the past term to make the showcase a reality”.

Attending the show and handing out awards was previous principal of over 20 years, Judy Davies. When spoken to the next day Judy said about the show “I was thoroughly entertained by the young people whose enthusiasm and capability was amazing”.


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Below is a list of the student’s who where awarded trophies:

The Rhea Davies Trophy for The Love of Dance:                  

The Judy Davies Cup for Senior Personality:                        

The Linda Kemble Memorial Cup for Junior Personality:       

The Lisa Mathews Disco Cup for Freestyle:                          

The Frogmore Dance School Trophy for Tap Dance:            

The Frogmore Dance School Trophy for Modern Dance:      

The Frogmore Dance School Senior Ballet Award:                

The Frogmore Dance School Trophy for Musical Theatre:     

The Verity May Trophy for Promise:                                      

The Sue Dark Commitment Cup:                                          

Junior Overall:                                                                        

Senior Overall:                                                                      

Copies of the showcase DVD and pictures from the showcase will be made available very soon to family and friends.

During the day we held a raffle, with all the proceeds going towards new dance equipment and teaching aids, we would like to again say a very big thank you to the following companies for donating prices.

Rebecca Dadson

Jess Landy

Tegan Bryant

Amy Pearce

Mathew Quilliam

Rachel Cartwright

Erin Bailey

Maddy Bull

Megan Ford

Natasha Dudley

Megan Whittall

Angel Wayman