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Dance Genres

Modern Theatre Dance

From age 3, children can begin to learn Modern Theatre Dance. Modern creates a sense of discipline in a less formal environment than Ballet and students are encouraged to use their expression and musicality. Modern classes are an ideal opportunity for children to exercise regularly in a safe way.

The genre combines modern dance, natural movement and jazz styles and the ISTD syllabus is adapted to follow evolving fashions in dance. Young people become disciplined and versatile dancers with a professional attitude towards dance through this dance genre.

Tap Dance

Tap dance is one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance, making it very popular with children and adults alike, and allows the student to express themselves through a combination of movement and sound.

The ISTD have developed an excellent tried and tested examination process which trains students to become excellent tappers with a full understanding of rhythm, timing and musicality.

Classical Ballet

Ballet forms the basis for all other dance styles as it helps develop strength, posture, grace, co-ordination, muscle tone, technique and musical awareness.

Too much discipline can cause young children to lose interest and stop Ballet training and it's important not to put too much strain on young bodies.

Up to age 6, our emphasis is on having fun and developing imagination and musicality while improving posture and basic leg and arms lines. At Frogmore Dance School we follow the IDTA classical ballet syllabus.

We also offer an optional class in the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) for students who take Grade 3 Ballet upwards. This class helps build muscle memory and strength and is a fantastic addition to our timetable.


This form of dance became most popular during the disco music craze in the late 70's with the launch of films such as Saturday Night Fever. Disco/Freestyle dance can be performed to various music styles and can incorporate dynamic moves such as runs, kicks, leaps and spins. Disco/Freestyle dance helps to encourage dancers to develop their own performance style and to be more creative with dance.

In recent years, Freestyle has taken a more earthy feel, following modern trends and incorporating influences from street dance.

Hardworking pupils can also undertake Medal Test examinations with The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).

Musical Theatre

In this class we explore all skills needed for the theatre, including Singing, Drama and Movement.

This class helps our dancers to understand performance and how to project the emotions they feel when they dance to music, while learning to sing and act.

Students who have learned and reached a good standard and technique, may have the opportunity to sit examinations in all of the above genres that they study.

Examination entry will be by the discretion of the principal. Outstanding attendance it essential for any child wishing to work towards an Exam in any genre.


In this class we explore techniques such as Graham, Cunningham and Release. Contemporary encourages full use of the body and breath while exploring the dance space.


Jazz is free work classes, meaning there is no set syllabus. In these classes we don’t only focus on technique but we also explore freedom of movement, taking inspiration from Musicals, Contemporary, and Street Dance.

Street Dance

These classes are filled with energy, engouraging the students to discover the world of dance through funky routines and current music. Elements of Street, Jazz-Funk and Hip Hop are explored in these classes.


This is a free work class mixing dance skills with acro movements. The use of props is also encouraged in this class, for example, the use of ribbons and hoops. The main aim of this class is for our students to have fun and to encourage their own creativity.

Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an additional class recommended for all Ballet students studying Grade 3 or higher. The technique looks at building muscle memory through targeted exercises for both Ballet and Contemporary.

Little Movers

Little Movers is a general dance class encouraging movement and gross motor skills while using modern, jazz and theatre craft techniques.

Private Lessons for Singing or Acting

Private singing lessons are available with Verity on a one to one basis, helping students to develop technique and confidence. Private students can work towards exams with LAMDA if they wish.  

Please speak with Verity personally if you would like singing lessons.